iq classes

brazilian jiu-jitsu


IQ BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU: Internal Quest BJJ classes include both gi and nogi. Our instructors focus on embedding the fundamentals of BJJ into each class while improving the skill and technique of practitioners at all levels. We offer BJJ for self-defense, sport Jiu-jisu, and submission grappling for MMA.

What you need:

  • gi
  • shorts and TShirt (nogi)
  • water bottle


IQ WRESTLING: The wrestling program at IQ is geared towards helping high school wrestlers, college wrestlers, and MMA fighters achieve success on takedowns and positional control. The class will include technical aspects of folkstyle, freestyle, and Greco-Roman wrestling. Focuses will include technique sessions, drilling, live wrestling, and mental aspects of the sport.

What you need for both Adult and Kid Programs:

  • Wrestling shoes preferred (if not wrestler will wrestle in socks)
  • Shorts and TShirt
  • Water bottle
  • Optional Equipment-head gear, mouth piece, knee pads

strength and conditioning

IQ STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING: Internal Quest's strength and conditioning classes infuse the five components of fitness offering development in cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and aid in body composition. Some of the many forms of training include weight training exercises with dumbbells and barbells, TRXs, battle ropes, atlas stones, lebert bars, body weight exercises, and much more. Motivation fuels this class as instructors modify and encourage people of all ability levels to push themselves and believe that they are capable of reaching new heights.




Internal Quest's programs for kids offer a unique combination of wrestling or BJJ fundamentals and technique, while helping to boost self-confidence and work ethic in a fun and safe environment. Our young athletes will learn history of the sport, practice fundamental skills and drills through games, and acquire a successful foundation in wrestling and/or BJJ.